Davis Feminist Film Festival


Veteran's Memorial Center Theatre
203 E. 14th Street, Davis CA

Thursday April 10th 2014
Featuring local artists and filmmakers!
Reception: 7pm
Films: 7:30pm

Friday April 11th 2014
Featuring films from around the world!
Reception: 6pm
Films: 6:30pm

The Davis Feminist Film Festival 2014 lineup has been decided! Click on the title to reveal or hide the information.

Thursday April 10

SHOWCASING LOCAL NOR-CAL TALENT! Please be advised: The films are not rated. Some contain material that may not be appropriate for viewers of all ages.

  • Keep on Truckin' - interactive video project and Q&A (45 min.)
    Glenda Drew and Melissa Chandon, Davis CA
    Through the use of photography, video, and audio, Keep on Truckin' documents the experiences of truck drivers at stops in California's Central Valley. It portrays drivers' dreams, hopes, and aspirations as well as their challenges and adversities, including grueling schedules and long absences from home. Design professor glenda drew and artist Melissa Chandon spent many months together researching and documenting this little-known industry and the people who make it run: the result is a poignant, beautifully-crafted collage-style portrait that brings to life the sights and sounds of the long-haul experience in the US.

  • * * * INTERMISSION * * *

    Welcome and introductory remarks by festival organizers.

  • Losing Ferguson (19 min.)
    Trisha Gum, San Francisco CA
    After the death of her family leaves Rebecca feeling disconnected from the world, she rekindles a relationship with her imaginary childhood friend, Ferguson. But when Ferguson abruptly leaves, Rebecca is forced to confront her loss and reconnect with the real people around her. A charming and ultimately uplifting film about letting go and moving on. Amazing period costumes and set design!

  • Deconstructing My Depression (9 min.)
    Sally Tran, Vallejo CA
    As the daughter of first-generation immigrants, Sally knows her parents sacrificed everything to live in the US. As a gender-queer individual, she knows she does not meet their expectations of a “good” Vietnamese daughter. As a survivor of sexual assault seeking therapy, she knows her depression will be seen by others as a moral failing. This intimate, experimental portrayal of a young woman's struggle with mental illness refuses to separate the personal from the political.

  • Someone You Know (22 min.)
    Jesse Dizard, Chico CA
    One of six American women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape in her lifetime. Most commonly, women are attacked by someone they know and trust. Working with students at CSU Chico, anthropology professor Jesse Dizard interviewed counselors, police, students, and survivors to create Someone You Know, a hard-hitting documentary about the high rates of sexual assault in the US, especially on college campuses. The film explores not only the causes and consequences of sexual assault, but also what can be done about it.

  • The Cinderella Project (26 min.)
    Women and Gender Studies 165: Feminist Media Production (Fall 2013), UC Davis. Chapters by Brittney Cross, Parisa Esfahani, Sean Frawley, Maija Her, Selena Jilio-Ryan, Fiorella Lema, Patricia Pilas, and Wendy Schmidt. Produced and re-edited by Professor Julie Wyman.
    Since the early 1960s, feminist film and video practitioners have taken media into their own hands to explore the complex issues surrounding gender, representation, and social justice. WGS 165 provides students at UC Davis with an opportunity to carry on this tradition. In Fall 2013, students collaborated to create the Cinderella Project, a collection of short films that discovers in the familiar fairytale a series of entry-points into contemporary concerns: gender identity, heteronormativity, sexuality, body image, medicalization, conformity, family dynamics, and even environmental disaster. The project is broken into eight chapters, each with its unique style and approach, and each representing a different aspect of the Cinderella story. Fragmented by design, the parts nevertheless assume a whole that enlightens and entertains, even when characters don't necessarily live happily ever after...
    Q&A with participating filmmakers immediately following.

Friday April 11

SHOWCASING FILMS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Please be advised: The films are not rated. Some contain material that may not be appropriate for viewers of all ages.

  • How To Be a Female Director (5 min.)
    Trisha Gum, USA
    This short mockumentary takes a satirical look at a modern-day issue: the staggering under-representation of women film directors in Hollywood. In the guise of a 1950s public service announcement, the film follows Kay on her quest to be a motion picture director, tongue firmly in cheek.

  • Juliana (19 min.)
    Jana Herreros, Spain
    Juliana is 80 years young. Although physically frail, her spirit is strong and her mind sound. She has just returned from her last neighbor's funeral, prompting her two daughters to decide that the time is right for Juliana to enter a retirement home. Her granddaughter Sara thinks differently, however, and engineers an alternative. A heartwarming film with stand-out performances by young and old alike.

  • Dos Almas / Two Souls (16 min.)
    Danielle Villegas, USA
    In 1850, deep in the forest of Alta California, a young mestiza widower passes as a man for self-protection. Struggling to survive, she is approached by a local native woman offering food. Their worlds collide and Two-Spirit natures are revealed. Acted entirely without dialogue against a backdrop of stunning photography, Dos Almas explores an age-old perspective on gender variance that is both inclusive and spiritual. Shot on location in Western Washington near the Snoqualamie Tribal lands, the film features cast and crew members from the Seminole, Lakota, Comanche, and Salish/Blackfeet nations.

  • Vos Papiers / ID Please (32 min.)
    Bruce, France
    ID Please is a documentary about the civil status of transgender people in France. The film uses the sparse aesthetics of official ID photos to question and challenge bureaucratic definitions of gender and gendered citizenship. Unlike mainstream media representations that stigmatize gender nonconformity, ID Please lets trans people speak for themselves with humor and intelligence about the limitations and absurdities of prevailing state-sanctioned gender binaries.

  • In Rahmen / Framed (5 min.)
    Evgenia Gostrer, Germany
    How do I present myself? How do I want to be seen? What am I proud of? Where are my personal boundaries? How far can I go? An experimental, claymation film exploring the contours and textures of the human body and soul.

  • Puja Nights (14:30 min.)
    Tanjil Rashid and Danile Janes, UK
    Mrs. Shah lives in suburban London with her daughter Priya. They are one of 24,600 South Asian single-parent households in the city. Priya's absent father has left a void that each woman attempts to fill in opposing ways: Mrs. Shah via strict religious devotion, Priya via adulation of popular culture. When Priya's pop culture idol comes to town, their quarrel comes to a head - and both mother and daughter confront the pitfalls of their over-dependence on men. A fun and funny narrative film about mother-daughter bonding.

  • * * * INTERMISSION * * *

    Welcome and introductory remarks by festival organizers.

  • Feminism 2.013 (6 min.)
    glenda drew, USA
    What is feminism? What does it mean to be feminist today? Feminism 2.013 is an installation of five video portraits that gives voice to new generation of young women in the US who, far from rejecting feminism, are rediscovering and reinventing feminism to confront gender inequality and sexual violence in the contemporary moment.

  • Chicas Day (10 min.)
    Susan Bójar, Spain
    Today is girls' day out - anything and everything is allowed: dressing-up, lounging by the pool, eating sweets. Yet all good things must come to an end, and all is not as it seems. A surprise awaits the viewer in this poignant, artful film about love, loyalty, and social class. Lovely photography and superb acting.

  • Amel (23 min.)
    More Raça, Kosovo
    Amel is an aspiring actress seeking to change her destiny by auditioning for a role in a foreign movie. As she awaits news of the audition, we witness her daily struggles as a single mother in Kosovo. Her housekeeping wages are not enough to support her son and his itinerant father, and she is ostracized by her strict religious family. Will she get the part? If she does, will it make a difference in her life? A quiet, complex narrative about hope, disappointment, and survival.

  • Good Morning, World (2:31 min.)
    Dorit Weisman, Israel
    Following surgery to remove a cancerous growth from her breast, the filmmaker recites a poem of praise and thanks to the everyday world around her: the hummingbirds, the trees, the distant cars, the hammock in the yard, the shampoo waiting in the shower, her own transformed body. The poem pays homage to the power of life and the strength of the individual spirit.

  • Sound for Mazin (19 min.)
    Ingrid Kamerling, Holland
    Mazin, 12 years old, was born deaf but now faces an operation that may restore his hearing. He is excited but also fearful - how will the operation go? How will it change his experience of the world? How will it affect his relationship with his family and friends, especially his deaf playmate Sophie? A thoughtful, moving documentary about disability and difference.

  • Little Vulvah and her Clitoral Awareness (4:28 min.)
    Sarah Koppel, Denmark
    A young girl wakes up, aroused from dreaming by singing birds. Donning springtime dress, she sets out to explore nature and discovers delights well beyond the seasons' changes. A playful, animated film about coming into sexual awareness.

The festival will be selling food from Monticello Bistro. The planned menu includes: Market Salad, Beet Salad, Hummus Plate, Seasonal Vegetable Sandwich, Monticello Lemon Bars, Housemade Cookies, Lavender Lemonade, natural cane sugar sodas and perhaps a few other seasonal specials. All organic, all local of course!

Beer will also be available for purchase courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Lagunitas Brewing Company, and Hangar 24 Craft Brewing. Hangar 24 will be offering variety of beers including: Orange Wheat, Alt-bier Amber Ale, Chocolate Porter, California Spring, and Vinaceous.

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