Davis Feminist Film Festival

Davis Feminist Film Festival Lineup

Wedded or Bachelor

In this witty role-reversal, Bernardo must undergo a strange interview to land a job as a secretary.
Narrative | Spain | Victoria Ruiz

A Childless Mother

Lynn, a young ultrasound technician, is plagued by infertility in a world that takes motherhood for granted. Struggling with overbearing expectations, she ends up in a lonely battle with herself.
Narrative | Singapore | Zoe Fan

The Skin I'm In

An American teenager directs this documentary in which three black women share their experiences on life, insecurities and what it means to be beautiful.
Documentary | USA | Rajaiah Jones

Otherwise Engaged

How do I love thee? Let me count the likes... A romantic social media satire for the online age.
Narrative | UK | Alicia Macdonald


In the near future, apps and gadgets are seamlessly incorporated into day-to-day activities. Laura is comfortable with this life, but her careless attitude with her personal data may have serious consequences.
Narrative | Germany | Franziska Brändle


An animated charmer -- this city has a heart and a brain!
Animation | Iran | Motahareh Ahmadpour


Leo and Caitlin's marriage has settled into an ordinary routine - but has it really? When Caitlin discovers a pair of unfamiliar knickers in the laundry basket, she sets out to unveil the truth...
Narrative | USA | Ronja Jansz

God's Mistake

In this inspiring documentary, a Croatian woman named Salomé shares her journey as a transgender woman, where psychiatrics' threats, military service, school, and familial or religious pressures couldn't prevent her transition into womanhood.
Documentary | Croatia/Slovenia | Anna Savchenko, Eva Matarranz, Catarina Leal


Based on personal experiences, this animated film explores mental illness, and the way society defines and denigrates people by their disabilities.
Animation | UK | Harriet Croucher

Secret Death

After her son's attempted suicide, Marta must learn how to navigate between social pressures, her son's mental health, and her own mental health.
Narrative | Italiy | Michele Leonardi

At the Nook

This black and white experimental beauty explores the relationship between two characters detached by space and time, but nonetheless affected by each other. The story which the woman scratches on the notebook will be also the story of the man. With no way out, they are caught in an infinite loop
Experimental | Turkey | Asuman Anak

Love Comes Later

An unexpected discovery forces an undocumented motel employee to make a life changing decision.
Narrative | USA | Sonejuhi Sinha

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

A young Congolese woman shares her story of child trafficking and the disorienting experience of drifting between continents.
Documentary | Sweden | Hanna Hovitie

Trash Cash

Young John Kizito has run away from his family. He finds solace at one of the landing sites of Kampala Suburbs of Ggaba, where he scavenges scrap and sleeps under capsized boats and abandoned buildings -- but he remains optimistic about the future in this tale of strength and survival.
Documentary | Uganda | Wilberforce Muhzura

Ice Floe

Shy teenager Alya lives in a Russian orphanage and secretly admires her music teacher Svetlana, the only person who is nice to her at school. Can Alya overcome the bullying and loneliness through her singing lessons?
Narrative | Russia | Maria Loyter

A Man like a Tree

An elderly man wants to buy a christmas tree. But he has to realize that things are changing, even at Christmas. The trees have changed, the prices have changed, the seller has changed- even he has changed.
Narrative | Germany | Sylvia Borges

Yaya Crochet

After her husband dies, an old lady decides to change her life in an unexpected way.
Documentary | Spain | Joaquín Villalonga Malpica<

In Other Words

After a lost opportunity to communicate with his daughter, a man reflects on the meaninglessness of his words versus his actions.
Animation | Israel | Tal Kantor

Mr. Fazili's Wife

Without a steady income, an Afghan widow struggles to maintain her dignity and provide much needed health care for her daughter. Based on real-life struggles and featuring the Director's wife and daughter in the lead roles, this film imagines the future the Director's own family might face if he were gone.
Narrative | Afghanistan | Hassan Fazili

The Bicycle

An Afghan girl loves to bicycle and wants to compete in a competition, against her mother’s concerns. Directed by a 12-year old girl, and featuring a boy playing the female lead, this charmer will ride into your heart.
Narrative | Afghanistan | Monira Morawejzada

Sissy's Dream

The animated story of Sissy, a blind and sweet little girl, who dreams to fly free in the sky astride her dog.
Animation | UK/Italy | Fabrizio Gammardella


Every month Michal dips herself in the Mikveh as part of a religious ritual that allows her to have sex with her husband, but when the long-awaited night arrives, nothing happens. Her husband's absence, as well as the deterioration in the intimacy between them, evokes her suspicions about his true identity. Narrative | Israel | Nadav Mishali


Conflicted by his father's identity, Adel tries to find tolerance in a traditional world.
Narrative | Germany | Tim Ellrich


On a day like any other, Chila Huerta woke up her three children and abandoned her husband. No one could understand why she had left a man with goodness in his eyes. Narrative | Spain | Maria Guerra

Girls Don't Cry Wolf

Girls Don't Cry Wolf is a powerful anthem dedicated to survivors of sexual assault. This thought-provoking music video raises awareness of modern-day culture that perpetuates the objectification and oppression of young women. Music Video | USA | John Chigas & Anna Eva Kotyza

Variable Geometry

Children and animals change states to illustrate the way that one senses their own body, through the eyes of others and through one's own gaze.
Animation | Belgium | Marie Brun de Chassey

The Chicken

Sarajevo, 1993. As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realises the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free, unaware of the dangerous consequences this will lead to.
Narrative | Bosnia | Una Gunjak


This was the sky at the beginning of the world. The sunrises all were ours. Yes, we should have stopped the time to match us.
Experimental | Argentia | Melisa Aller

I Exist

3 years on the border. A filmmaker gives children in a Syrian refugee camp cameras to document their lives...
Documentary | Egypt | Ahmed Abelnaser

One Minute

One Minute imagines the moments between funny text messages from a friend and an evacuation notice from the Israeli Defence Force during the 2014 Gaza bombings.
Narrative | Jordan | Dina Naser

The Return

After being displaced from their home, an Iraqi family returns home and attempts to re-establish normalcy in their turbulent lives.
Narrative | Iraq | Mohammad Alazzawy

Plus: Friday at 3:45

30-minutes of short films specially curated for DFFF 2016 by the Queer Black Women of Color Festival leads off our panel discussion, which is free to the public.

All proceeds generated go toward operating costs and providing invaluable internship experience for the student organizers.

The Davis Feminist Film Festival works to support the WRRC's mission by using alternative media as a springboard for linking art to social issues. The festival provides an inclusive public space for under-represented artists--particularly women and people of color--to raise consciousness about gender, race, class, sexuality, and other dimensions of social inequality.

For more information on the event, or for ways to sponsor or volunteer, email http://wrrc.ucdavis.edu/